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Why should I become a member ?
Membership allows you to interact with the site and to make your contributions. Membership is the safeguard which helps us to verify the integrity of supplied content. Membership also gives you full access to the database, hot new dances, charts, videos, dance reviews, club listings plus the Teaching Survey and Wikidance resource. As a member you can vote in the charts, read and write dance reviews, upload scripts and videos and search for just about everything line dance under the sun. Membership is FREE.

How Do I Become A Member?
You can join today by completing the Registration Form, it's on the top right side of every page. Simply complete Your Profile to activate your membership. Be sure to give full details and select your status options so that you can access all the pages that match your profile.

Why Should I Vote?
By voting regularly you contribute to the charts which in turn helps instructors and dancers decide what to teach and learn. It also helps choreographers get their work noticed in a positive way and you are helping to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the charts the most popular aspects of the site. By voting you help make a difference and you also contribute to the nominations for a Crystal Boot Award.

What Are The Rules For Voting?
Basic Voting Rules
• Voting is restricted to members only.
• Votes remain live for 31 days and are then be discounted unless they have been updated.
• Members must provide contact details on their profile page (not viewable by the public)
• You may change your votes as often as you wish - previous votes for the same dance are over-written.
• We encourage a minimum of three votes in all levels and categories.

Ethical Voting Rules
• Exclusive or excessive multiple voting for the same choreographer is not acceptable.
• Choreographers voting for their own dances is allowed providing:-
• There are no more than five self-voted dances in any level
• In the spirit of fair-play votes for other choreographers should also be made

Automatic Controls
• The Top Fifty Chart is derived from all the votes made each month.
• Multiple votes for the same dance are automatically blocked.
• Votes are automatically deleted if you do not renewed them within 31 days
• On the home page under the large picture you will see your votes expiry date.
• Voters names and locations are viewable by clicking the number button on the left of the dance.
• Note: If you are an instructor please take part in the Teaching Survey. Go to Your Profile and identify yourself as an instructor - the Teaching Survey pages will then be displayed to you.

How Often Should I Vote?
All votes remain current for 31days from the date you voted. You can delete or renew your votes at any time and as often as you like. However, only one vote for a dance will count within the 31 days - you can renew your vote to begin another 31days (every five minutes if you so wish) but it will only ever count as one vote. Voting for the same dance multiple times does not work.

How Do I Change My Votes?

How Do I Review A Dance?
When you search for a dance script you will see several options (add it to your library, add a video to it, leave a review etc.,) Click Leave a Review and you will be taken to the Dance Review Page to complete and leave your dance review. Your most recent reviews are stored on your Profile Page for editing.

How Do I Upload A Script

How Do I Upload A Vido Link?
You will see the option to ADD VIDEOS when you view a script. Follow the simple form which allows you to upload a video for your selected dance. The upload is merely a cut and paste of the Youtube (or other video source) link.

Can I Advertise On This Website?
That's a nice question. Yes, we welcome advertisers.

We can offer leaderboard adverts from £35 per month plus VAT based on a 6 month campaign. Other options and prices for shorter durations on request please contact

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